Privacy Policy

This privacy policy makes sure that is very clear on how it stores data gathered in using the contact form on the website under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations.

Parties Being:

  • Mailer (the person who submits the form on
  • Mercl (the company and owner that receives and stores your email.)

The policy

In general the data collection obtained by the mailer submitting the contact form is for sales and inquiy purposes only.

What types of personal data are collected through the contact form?

  • name of mailer
  • email
  • telephone (optional submit)
  • message

What is the purpose of this data?

  • Inquiry for potential services (from mailer) and sales contact (Mercl)

Who can access the data?

  • 1 person only. Mercl.

Are the data stored in some way? If so, where and for how long are they stored?

  • No, only in email client of mercl computer
  • Contact information will be stored 5 year increments*, (contact between mailer and mercl maintain for longer than that period). Mailer can request the data to be removed which the mailer can do by e-mailing me directly

Data shared with third-party entities?

  • No

In which country will the data be processed?

  • Netherlands only

Can mailer request exporting or deleting their data?

  • Yes. Contact me directly in order to have your data deleted permanently from the email address book.