Pleased to Meet you,
My name is Martijn.













I provide a whole range of visual and functional aspects for online and offline communication.

I come from an old school communication background, which includes marketing and concept development and visualisation (Art Directon). Around 2000 I worked at agencies before (also) moving into the digital aspects, such as webdesign, (flash) animations and development.

Bridging the gap

The mix of offline and online disciplines allows me to speak the various “languages”

Asking the right questions and understanding what is required for certain developments to take place is the starting point of a successful project.
Understanding concepts of design on one end and technical development on the other helps maintaining consistency, quality, and good workflow throughout a campaign.

Working together with various partners from The Netherlands, San Diego - California and Belgrade – Serbia, enables me to allocate different diciplines, such as (print)design, webdesign, SEO, e-commerce, (i)phone applications, WordPress and other technical or graphical solutions.













Apart from a (graphic) design passion, I am also interested in (analog) photography and techniques that come with the old-school way of working with "image taking/making".

For more personal work, please feel free to browse my flickr account.

Prints are available. you can contact me for any inquiries.


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